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Every day, in small and not-so-small ways, I help people build their lives in Haliburton County, making sure they're protected; providing peace of mind.

Maybe it's buying your dream home or cottage. Maybe it's downsizing or planning for the future.

Sometimes it's turning a business dream into reality. Or you might need help with a legal problem.

Whatever the reason, having a professional on your side puts your interests first and leaves a lot less to worry about.


Need something notarized or commissioned?
Please call our office for an appointment.

We do not charge for notarizing documents but instead ask for a donation of $50 per document to HHHS, Haliburton Highlands Outdoor Association or
YWCA Women's Shelter Haliburton County.
Please bring a cheque payable to one of them or proof of your donation.


Buy or sell property with confidence that your investment is protected. Get pre-transaction advice to make your deal more solid.


Ensure your wishes are respected and your family protected with professional wills, powers of attorney and health care directives.


Help for all stages of business, from starting up to succession planning or winding down, from tax planning to sales contracts.



A good lawyer is someone who cares about what happens to you, tomorrow and many years from now. It's someone who uses their skills to look out for you, without running up unnecessary bills.

I graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto and the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands. Having grown up in Toronto gives me a good understanding of what clients moving this way expect from a lawyer; my 25 years of business experience provide a practical outlook that looks beyond the fine print to what my clients really need.

I've been living in Haliburton full time since 2009. Having lived and worked all over the world, I've come to know that this is the best place anywhere. Maybe that's why I enjoy helping people buy property here, settle and grow. In small communities like this, everyone has a place; everyone matters. That's how I approach my practice: as excited - or concerned - as you are about what you plan next.


Early in my career, I worked as the assistant to the Director of Titles, the person responsible for creating and administering real estate laws and regulations in Ontario.

In that role I helped set policies for electronic land records and draft new legislation. I was also responsible for researching and offering solutions to complex real estate problems throughout the province.

This practical experience gave me a particularly strong foundation in the fundamentals of property law.

My real estate practice includes:

Purchase and Sale Transactions
Arranging Financing & Re-Financing
Placing Private Mortgages for Investors
Estate & Tax Planning
Cottage Trusts
Planning for Aging-in-Place
Resolving Disputes
Shore Road Allowance Purchases
Correcting Title Defects
Planning & Zoning Applications

I encourage clients to contact me at any stage of the process, ideally before anything is signed.

Haliburton Real Estate Law


If you were to become incapacitated, who would pay your bills and how? What would you want for your medical care if you're no longer able to express your wishes? How can you leave your assets and possessions to your loved ones with a minimum of tax and without conflict or uncertainty?

There are three documents everyone should have to protect themselves and their families from the unexpected.

The first, a will, contains your instructions for how to handle your estate when you die. It starts with an in-depth meeting to discuss your assets, family situation and your wishes. We'll review estate planning options for reducing taxes and potential conflicts and make some decisions as to how to best manage your affairs. For example, you might want a cottage trust for your children or need guardianship provisions for a minor child.

Powers of Attorney
The second document is a power of attorney, which allows someone you name to manage your affairs if you give them permission or become incapacitated. This is vital to prevent situations where an unexpected illness requires someone to help with your banking, living arrangements, etc.

Personal Care Directive
Lastly, a personal care directive contains your instructions to medical personnel in the event you cannot speak for yourself, and names a trusted person to make decisions on your behalf. Your personal care directive can be customized to match your wishes and values so that they are respected during a serious illness or end-of-life situation.


In addition to these key documents, clients may also need one or more of the following:

Succession Planning for Business Owners
Planning for Blended Families
Tax Optimization Strategies
Guardianship for Minors & Disabled Persons
Estate Dispute Resolution
Mutual Will Contracts
Cottage, Education & Maintenance Trusts
Planning for Charitable Donations

Haliburton Wills and Estates


Unlike most lawyers, I've had 25 years' experience starting and running businesses large and small. That gives me a superior understanding of what you as a business owner need from legal documents and advice. In short, you need them to help you achieve your long term goals, up to and including retirement and even into the next generation.

Businesses without strong legal foundations risk avoidable problems and conflicts. Do you have air-tight employee agreements to protect your client list and methods? What would happen if a key shareholder or partner were to become ill? Are you expanding your business, or just expanding your debt?

Whatever stage you're at, I can help close off risks and develop opportunities. Some examples are:

Business & Partnership Registration
Incorporation - For Profit & Not-For-Profit
Minute Books & Recordkeeping
Annual Meetings & Filings
Shareholder & Partnership Agreements
Employee Agreements
Client Contracts
Analysis of Business Options & Opportunities
Dispute Resolution
Collection of Unpaid Accounts
Business Mergers, Purchases & Sales
Succession Planning
Mortgage and Non-Mortgage Financing

Haliburton Corporate Law


If you have legal issues outside of my areas of practice, I can likely refer you to the right person. I've developed a network of lawyers I trust to deliver good value and expert results to my clients, and help manage the process. That way you don't have to deal with multiple lawyers and you have someone local who is accountable to you.

I do not accept referral fees. Usually the other lawyer will bill you directly for their work, or if you prefer it can be billed through our office.

Contact me if you need help with matters in:

Family Law
Criminal Law
Complex Tax/CRA Issues and Planning

Lebo Law
Lebo Law

Bram Lebo LL.B MBA
Barrister & Solicitor


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